Monday, March 13, 2006


Meet Bert!

For all I hate snow I actually went out playing in it yesterday. My sister and I made our first snowman in years. This is Bert the gay, koala like, snowman. Poor Bert wasn't created until after it had already been raining. So the snow wouldn't roll properly. Instead he was made with a pile and pack technique. The potato was all we could find for a nose which sadly fell off a few hours later. And despite his pink scarf and multi coloured hat my sister still insisted Bert was a he. He is actually doing better than all of his friends dotted down the street. There is a snowman mass murderer here on the loose. They others have all been decapitated. Bert's head is now sunken back in the distress of losing his friends (that and the fact that the snow is starting to melt).

This is what our back garden looked like before we rampaged through it. As you can see there was a strong wind while it was snowing as we have a mini snow drift. My mum is worried for some of her plants. She has a feeling that they won't survive the snow. It also doesn't show the bird madness that took place for most of the day. The garden was filled with them fighting over the nuts. The bread we put out didn't last five minutes. Mr and Mrs Robin even made an appearance and the other birds normally scare them away.

I did actually get some stitching done. I stitched the head of pink firefly fairy. She looks as if she has been scalped. It's actually her crown that is missing as it is made up of beads. Once I finished her head I decided to go back to her dress. I am now just going to work on the bulk of the dress one colour at the time. You can see from the dark pink at the bottom that I have already made a start on that. Once the bulk of the dress is finished I can go back and fill in the rest and then do the beadwork. This will be my last stitching update for the week as have to spend the rest of the week concentrating on studying. So I won't be blogging much either. I will do that promised book review at some point in the week but I can't promise more than that. I will still be keeping up with everyone's blogs though. I hope that everyone has a good week.

Hey Karen

Wow what a lovely load of snow you got. We didn't get much and it had all melted very early on.

Firefly Fairies is looking great your needles must be smoking with all that stitching lol.


Kathy xxxx
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Ernie will miss Bert when he melts! Nice snowman.
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