Friday, March 31, 2006


Poor Croc

I got this story from Boing Boing.

Sorry for the absence. Computer problems which are sorted now. I don't have time to write a proper entry just now but will try to soon.

Hello Karen! I was getting worried about you and planned to send you an e mail... It's a relief to see you're OK. These computer things can be a pain in the ***. I wonder why they can't be "stable" like my washing machine... Hope it happens someday!
Looking forward to a new post!
Take care!
Hi Karen! Glad to hear from you!! :) Sorry the puter has been giving you problems...just kick's what works for me! LOL Anyhoo, poor croc is right!! THo I do have to on EARTH can you not find a croc of that size...unless she's been made into bad suitcases..since her skin is worthless..:( LOL But I think the point is...don't mess with a Koala! Cute and cuddly..but can scratch the stuffings out of you!! LOL


Pleased to see you back. Watch out for all the "Doctor Who" on TV! There's loads of stuff, including a "Doctor Who Night" on Sunday April 9 from 7pm on BBC3, in the run up to the new series, on BBCs 4, 3 and 1 from this coming Monday!!

Looking forward to hearing what you think about Series Two...

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