Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Second Grandson!

The second grandson now has a face. I think I am going to name him Bert after our dearly departed snowman. If anyone has any suggestions of names for the first grandson I would be happy to hear them. The stitching for his face was done pretty quickly. For the rest of the body there were a lot of colour changes. If it wasn't for that I think I could have got a lot more done. It was worth it though for that cute little bow tie. I just have the centre section to fill in and then I have finished with the second page of the chart. I hope to get that done next time. There are a lot of colour changes there two so it might take two sessions.

Lili, I use a hoop. I tried using a frame but I just couldn't get comfortable stitching with it. So I stuck to the hoop. It probably just takes getting used to but I wasn't patient enough to do that. I also take photo's of my progress. I used to scan them but the quality isn't the same. My sister then passed on her old digital camera on to me. And them finally last year I treated myself to a brand new one. It has yet to be used for anything much more than my stitching.

I got to watch "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" while I was stitching. I really enjoyed it in the cinema. This is the first time that I have ever watched something at home months later and thought "it just isn't the same". I was actually really disappointed. I think part of it was the people I was watching it with. My mum and sister were watching it for the first time. Both of them have enjoyed the other films but didn't seem to enjoy this one. My sister even fell asleep. Maybe it was my expectation of them enjoying the film as much as I did that was disappointed rather than the film itself. When I get some peace I will watch it on my own and see.

How about Ernie...as Bert and Ernie goes along together just like on Sesame Street. :)
Yes! Bert sounds great! Revives lovely memories.
I use a hoop, but I have tried a frame too, which I use for bigger projects like the owl or mama Xmas. It's not very pleasant to use: too heavy. But you needen't deal with the great quantities of fabric. I place a pillow folded in two on my knees, place the frame upper part on it, and stith one hand under and the other above. It's more comfortable than my lapstand...
I haven't seen this HP yet, but I have experienced the same disappointment for the reasons you are giving here: I anticipated too much pleasure from the others and they didn't like the movie as much as I did. Now, I have stopped trying to share the movies I love with the others, as I seem to have special tastes? Anyway...
I finally posted my owl progress... Lots of hugs!
Bert is a cool name :-D
I vote for Ernie as well. This is looking great and so is Firefly Fairies!!!
Bert looks great! I have actually seen a few Bert revivals in the last few days since our big storm. :)

I saw the update of Bugs and the Fairies, both look wonderful. Bugs is looking so fantastic!

I also saw and loved Walk the Line. I agree that it's hard to believe that Joaquin Phoenix sounded so much like Johnny Cash. Great movie!
Awww they all look soooo cute together. Bugs looks fantastic too I am looking forward to seeing him finished he looks lovely. You are doing well on fairy one too, look forward to seeing more updates.

Hugs xxxxxx
Your Snowman are coming along really well, they are so full of character. Bert and Ernie sound good!
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