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I was only able to do a little work on the snowman. I did the lettering and the decoration inside the sign. I am now halfway through filling in the sign with white. I have to admit that the sign is the boring part of the design. Mostly because it's not the same as watching the snowmens characters evolve. And then filling in lots of white is a little dull. I am still enjoying the design though. It is just that it isn't the most interesting part. I hope to finish it next time and then I can begin on the third snowman.

Thanks for all your comments on Bugs and the firefly fairies. For those of you who aren't sure what the design is supposed to look like you can see it here. The arm and the lighter pink of the dress of the pink fairy is the section I am working on. Your right Lili, it is a Lavender & Lace design.

Kim, I know a few characters too who I think would write an interesting biography. And that's just when it came to their jobs!

Timewarden, Patrick Troughton would be a good one. He was one of the Doctors who you would think would be funny behind the character and yet all the stories say that he took his acting very seriously. It would be interesting to read about it. I haven't read John Pertwee's either. I didn't even know he had one.

I finally finished watching "Pom Poko". I really enjoyed my first taste of anime. The raccoons of the story are losing their homes to the humans. As the Forrest is being destroyed to build homes the raccoons are loosing theirs. At first they are too busy fighting each other when they are reminded of what is happening and they decide to try to put a stop to it. Forgotten by humans, raccoons have the ability to transform themselves into anything they want. They decide to relearn how to do this to scare the unwanted people away from their homes.

It's a good way of showing what is happening to the animals as we continue to destroy our natural forests. It's also a little sad but does have it's funny moments. A good choice for my first anime film. I now look forward to seeing more.

This Lavender and Lace design is stunning! I'm too glad to see you're stitching it! It's gonna be such pleasure to share!
I understand about the snowman's sign... Boring... But they are so so cute...
I'm thinking of an anime film I really loved, but I don't know the English title. It's "Le tombeau des lucioles" and it tells the story of two kids -brother and sister- during the war between Japan and the USA. I am hard to satisfy when it comes to movies, but I can tell you this is the most beautiful, moving, saddest ever story I have ever seen. So thinks my DH, and my postman, such a fan of mangas that his son's 3rd name is Akira, had tears in his eyes when we talked about it... It is an absolute must-see!
Lots of hugs!
It seems there are always boring bits to any design. We just wade through and get back to the fun stuff. :D

I also love the firefly ladies, I've seen the pattern and admired it greatly, but didn't feel up to tackling it. ;)
Wow Karen you have been a busy bee with your stitching. Bugs is looking very suave and sophisticated, fire flies what a great start and your snowmen look really cute, well done.

Hugs xxxxxx
Karen, If you're interested in more anime then I highly recommend "Spirited Away". It's my favourite and I've watched it many times. Magical. The animation is spectacular and the story is facinating, mixing Japanese mythology with the story of a young girl's need to grow up in a hurry to save her parents from a witches curse. Cheers!
The English title is "Grave of the fireflies".
Lots of hugs!
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