Saturday, March 18, 2006


"Walk the Line"

I have been dying to see "Walk the Line" since I first saw it advertised. I'm not a Johnny Cash fan but I am a fan of Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon. I finally got to see the film this week and I really enjoyed it. You don't have to be a fan of the music to really enjoy it. It is really a love story. Johnny's love for his brother, music and then June Carter. Then if you are like me you might grow to like the music. I found it really catchy and had to go out and buy the soundtrack. I couldn't believe that it was really Phoenix who was singing on those tracks. Reese was easier to recognise. I have since bought an album by Johnny Cash and I'm also considering buying his autobiography which is supposed to be really good. If you haven't seen the film then I highly recommend it.

Hi Lili, I think the only snowmen you will see from me this year are of the stitched variety. Yep, I actually managed to do some stitching yesterday. The sign is now completely finished with the snow on top of it. I stitched the second little bird on gramps' hat. Then I stitched the hat of grandson #2 and about half his face. I hope to finish his face on my next snowman day which will be Monday. Today I am going to do some more stitching and I will be working on Bugs. So look out for another update either tomorrow or Monday.

Yeah! This is exactly the kind of snowman I was thinking of... I just love them (smile on my face!)...

I have already noticed that good movies could make me listen to the most unlikely music for me... and enjoy it! I'm also a fan of musicals... wonder why, really...

I wish history lessons at school had been sung, I would be much more informed now... I just couldn't listen, my mind kept wandering, like when there are car races in movies, I just can't follow that stuff... whereas I remember every single word of songs I have liked and not listened for years! (and I sing awfully!).

Looking forward to see Bugs!
Lots of hugs!
Poetry bug?
I so want to see Walk the Line. I've been a Cash fan since I was toddling around on my parent's floor. Mostly since they were Cash fans themselves. Their's was definatley a strange type of love story. I had a feeling after June left this world, that Johnny wouldn't be far behind. Without her he'd've been dead long ago.
The Snowmen are really coming along now. Can't wait to see the last grandchild.
I love your snowmen. They have such friendly faces!
Hi Karen! Remember me?? LOLOL Excellent work on the snowman! So cute!! :) Just wanted to let you know I'm back home now and will be getting all caught up here soon! I missed you!!


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