Monday, April 03, 2006


Easter Card 1

I am still working on Easter cards and this is my first one complete. These bunny cards are from "Cross Stitch Card Shop" magazine and they take longer to stitch than I thought they would. The back stitch round the daffodils is probably the longest and most tedious part of the card. Although well worth doing. The rest of the back stitch takes no time at all. I did want an aperture card for this but the shops didn't have any large enough. It looks like I would have to order them and being impatient to finish I decided to go with these large ones instead. The result is that I have a huge space at the bottom which I will need to decorate. I am sure that I have Easter stickers somewhere so watch this space for an updated version.

I have also just about finished a card for my sister. I just need to wait for her to leave the house so that I can put together the last final touches (I will have a photo for you tomorrow). I also have two more bunny cards to finish. So who knows when I will get round to going back to my rota. I have been watching season 6 of the West Wing while stitching and have been really enjoying it. I am on to disc 3 so I think I will have caught up by the time season 7 comes out. I am also itching to finish it so that I can move on to "American Gothic" which I bought last week. I loved this show as a kid but missed the last few episodes.

I love your bunny card - I can appreciate it took you quite a while because there's a lot of work in it. The daffodils especially have come out really well.
Your card is so adorable! Perfect for Easter. And think of the fun decorating the bottom. :D Can't believe it's getting so close to Easter already...
Hi Karen!! Love your little Easter bunny!!! He's a cutie!! I know what you mean tho..sometimes those card designs aren't as simple as they appear. LOL Keep up the good work!


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