Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Easter Card 2

My sister finally left for work and ten minutes later I had put together her card. You will recognise the letter from San's blog. I am used the same Easter alphabet from one of the cross stitch magazines. After little souffle I liked the affect using only one strand and decided to do the same with this little character. Again I like the subtle affect. Kim, stitching with one strand isn't difficult. It feels a little strange but I found that my thread was less likely to knot. I think I would probably use this method for baby cards (depending on the design itself).

Anyway, I used acrylic paint on one of those large cards I bought for the bunnies. I added another layer of green to try and give it a grassy look. The fairie is from a stencil I bought a while back and had yet to use. I stenciled her onto separate card and then used colour pencil. I cut an aperture out of the card to attach the stitching and then used little tabs to attach the fairy. With any luck my sister will like it.

I couldn't find anything Easter like in amongst my stickers and other craft supplies. I was positive I had something! I did buy some Easter punches so later today I will use them to decorate the first card.

I have decided to start taking my camera about with me. My poor camera gets used for crafts and almost nothing else. I've decided to carry it around in my bag just in case.

great card ! In fact, great cardssss as the bunny is superb ! I'm using that sheep with an A at the moment, I guess I'm slower now that I have only 2 letters to do !
I approve you with using just one strand!
Your card looks great!
I think it's a great idea to take your camera with you! Looking forward to seeing what you'll do with it!
Lots of hugs!
Your card turned out great! Love the fairy, very creative! And the L project is so adorable. I do like the softness that you get w/ the one strand. It's for me to imagine stitching with one strand, I will have to give it a go sometime...well other than for backstitching. ;)

I'm sure your sister will love the card!
Hi Karen! Lovely little card!! How cute is that! I have to agree that the one strand effect is quite nice. I'll have to give that a shot myself..just don't know on what yet..LOL

Have a good day!


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