Thursday, April 06, 2006


Easter Card1 Again!

I added little punch out chicks and bunnies to the bottom of the card. I was too tired to come up with anything more creative. Work is nightmarishly busy just now so my stitching has suffered. I've been really too tired to do much when I get home. I sit glazed in front of a DVD before I drag myself off to bed. Or I attempt to read and usually fall asleep. I have been reading the same book for a while now and although I am enjoying it it is beginning to get on my nerves.

Enough moans and groans. I did manage to make a card for a friend who is leaving work. Unfortunately I can't show it as it involves photo's of the individual. Hopefully I will have something new to show you all at the weekend. If not I will try to get some book reviews done.

Glad everyone liked the card for my sister and that you all liked the effect with the one strand. It is something that never occurred to me to try until that freebie came along.

Lili, you asked a while ago if I would do reviews of "Cross Stitch Card Shop" since I have set up a subscription. I will have a go at it. Since the magazine comes out every two months I will chose one card from every magazine to stitch too.

litla skvis, "Norwegian Wood" is one of my favourite books by Murakami. I haven't read "Sputnik Sweetheart". I've also read "Wild Sheep Chase", "The Wind Up Bird Chronicles" and "Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World" all of which were brilliant.

love the little punch outs !!!!
Too much decorations would overhealm the stitched part... And that's what we want to focus on !

It would be great if you do Card shop reviews, I never buy those magazines, and so... I don't do reviews on them !

I'm not really a card maker, I think there are so many nice ones in the shops ;)
I think the little punch outs are a great effect! Very creative and pretty. It's hard to be all inspired when you are feeling worn out. Hope things level out for you soon. :D
This is a very beautiful card, Karen! Bravo!
I am very happy that you will make a review on your mag, it's really missing on our usual blogs (wink!).
I am very tired at the moment too, and my books take a looooong time to read. Harlan Coben is the kind of book you can't put down once you have started, but I do, anyway... Time for fine weather to set up, and for the sun to send us soothing warm rays!
I hope you can get a little rest soon!
Take care, dear Karen!
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