Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Still Here!

No stitching updates. I realise I am letting the side down, sorry! It has all been work, work, work the last few days. Hence my lack of posts. I did promise book reviews and I hope to get them up tomorrow. Also, I still have Easter cards to finish. So the next few days I will be a stitching maniac. I now have my doubts on getting them finished. Thanks for the comments on my first two. I decided to take everyone's advice and keep the bunny card with just the punch outs.

I still carry my camera around with me but as yet nothing has presented itself at all. I did have the strangest dream though. I was walking to work when I saw all these wild rabbits in the grass. I decided to snap a photo as my sister loves rabbits. As soon as I had the camera ready the rabbits all hopped away. I then turned around to spot one and photographed it as it was hopping alongside a frog (which is one of my favourite animals).

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a good week. I am now counting down to Doctor Who series 2 (starts this Sat).

Some dreams seem so real, they accompany you though the days...
Take care!
Bon courage for work!
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