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Book Reviews

There is only a few years between my sister and I but we are very close. I like nothing more than spoiling her. I look forward to her birthday and Christmas as it is so easy to chose a gift for her that she will love. When I am out and I see something that I know she will like I find it difficult not to buy it. This time I ordered a CD for her and had it sent in her name as a surprise. It was one that should have appeared in the shops a while back that she has continually plagued them for. So her face when she opened up the parcel was very much worth it. I think it made my day just as much as hers.

I didn't get much reading done while I was sick but I did manage to read two books. I couldn't have chosen two more depressing books if I tried. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed them but probably not the ideal thing to chose while recovering.

"We Need To Talk About Kevin" by Lionel Shriver.

In a series of letter to her husband the narrator describes her feelings about her son. She does this by going back and describing scenes from when he was born up until he became a killer. In her descriptions she conveys the feeling that her son is evil and that this was shown from day 1. Something that her husband refused to see as anything but purely in her mind.

I did enjoy this book. Through out the book you wonder if the son is truly evil or if it is maybe the strange relationship with his mother that turned him into what he became. I have to admit since you see everything from the mothers point of view you do feel her frustration that her husband doesn't see what she sees and allows it to come between them. Well written and engaging from page one I only have one criticism. I just find it very difficult to believe that a child can be evil from the day it is born.

"The Pact" by Jodi Piccoult

The Golds and the Hearts have lived next door to each other since the wives were pregnant with their first borns. The wives became instant best friends and so it was only natural that Emily and Christopher were close. The day it became something else was a day that both families were looking forward to. Then something went wrong. Emily is shot dead and Chris was the only other person there. He says it was a suicide pact but his mother seems to be the only one who believes him.

A relatively easy read despite the content. Definitely one to pick up if you are looking for a page turner. I did enjoy it and particularly like the fact that the chapters alternated between present day and the run up starting with families first meeting. I just found it a little too coincidental at times.

Thanks for the book reviews. The Pact sounds vaguely famiiar. I'm almost thinking I saw a movie that was very similar, a movie-of-the-week type of thing.

The first one kind of gives me the shivers. I'm glad it is fiction!

BTW, go ahead and do a cut and paste on the blogging thing. Someone else did the hard work of transcribing it, I didn't. You can buy the original audio file from iTunes. Stephen Fry does the narration.
The pact: I have seen the movie, I'm sure, but I can't remember the title.

We need to talk about Kevin: Evil in a kid from the day he was born is impossible. Also, there is something that lots of authors forget when it comes down to explaining such acts: parents are not all-powerful. Children spend 6 to 8 hours of their day at school: their teachers and friends also have a strong influence that we cannot deny. When I think of my school years, I have the feeling that I have been strongly influenced by my teachers.

Have you read any Harlan Coben books? I have read two lately, and I must say he has managed to surprise me more than once, which is not easy as I have read mystery novels since I was 10... and you get used to authors' strings!
Lots of hugs!
There are 2 versions of the story about RLP's broken ankle doing the rounds! One is he broke it and the script was rewritten to accomodate him by putting him in a wheelchair. The other is the part of John Lumic was already wheelchair-bound so the accident made no difference! I think the former is true and the second version came about possibly because RLP was fed up with retelling the story so simplified it or, more likely, the production team told him what to say as damage limitation. At any rate, it should give the story added overtones. Hope you enjoy it on Saturday!
Hi Karen! Glad to see you back! Not much reading...two books..Ha! You are doing better than I am. LOL I agree tho, such dark topics!! LOL But sometimes you don't intentionally pick dark topics they just sort of jump out at you. Most of the time, I'll pick a book by the cover...have come across some very good books that way. That's how I picked books for school projects when I was younger, isolate myself in the library and choose one based off the cover vowing to read it completely no matter how hard or dull it could be. Worked most of the time. LOL

I need to get into some more reading..but the summer is coming up so I shall be reading more.

Have a great day!
Wow Karen you are working really well on your snowmen, they are soo cute.

Just to let you know feeling a bit better now, although this cough is still irritating me.

Hugs xxxxxx
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