Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Bugs and More Doctor Who

I managed to do a little work on Bugs yesterday. The top corner has been filled in and I have started to work my way along the top. My hope is that I will get the black of the border done this week. But as I said before this part is slow work. It looks as though it should be straight forward but it is bigger than you think.

While stitching I listened to the Big Finish Doctor Who story "Spare Parts". It's the one I mentioned before. It stars Peter Davidson as the Doctor and Nyssa as his companion. Some sci fi fans will recognise the voice of the cyber doctor. The actress played Jenna in Blakes 7. This shows the beginnings of the Cybermen and how the Doctor tries to prevent or at least postpone them coming about. Like the recent television episodes it has a moment when one of the cybermen remembers who she is and tries to return home. I think most Doctor Who fans would enjoy this. It is one of the few Big Finish productions that I could listen to more than once.

I have also had a change. Growing up my favourite Doctor Who villain was always the Daleks. The Cybermen came a close second but the Daleks scared me the most and for that reason I enjoyed their stories the most. However, that has changed. I think the Cybermen are actually under appreciated. I have been watching the "Lost In Time" DVD again but playing special close attention to the Cybermen episodes. It just leaves me wanting to see more. I am now seriously considering buying some of the BBC audio books of the old cybermen episodes. Just wish they would release more of them onto DVD.

Big thanks to everyone who commented on the card. I'm glad you liked it.

I haven't seen the film "The Cider House Rules" although I have seen clips of it. I have heard that the films do not do the books any justice which has put me off watching them. I heard that the Owen Meany one is the worst and best to be avoided if you love the book. Lili, I could talk about his books all day too despite only having read the three. The part I find interesting is that there is meant to be a lot of Irving in the main characters of each book (although Irving denies this). From what little I know of the author I can see it. I do plan to read more of his books but like you I won't be reading them all at once. You do need time to let them sink in. I still get flashes of imagery in my head from Cider House.

There are some recurrent topics in John Irving's books: Vienna, wrestling, India... Some things clearly are autobiographic, or at least inspired from his life -which makes his books so touching: they're crazy with flashes of real life and all the mix is magic. He's an alchimist.

I remember one of his books in which there are people (I'm not revealing the whole story!) who had an accident as they were waiting to turn left, and there was a car behind them that didn't brake and pushed their car, and as the wheel was turned towards the left, that resulted in a big crash with a car that was coming in front. Obviously, Irving wanted to give a message: never turn the wheel before you are sure you can cross the street. I think of it every time I turn left with my car (see it from my point of view: we drive on the right, like the americans); which is several times a day. John Irving's books definitely have an important place in every aspect of my life...
Bon courage with Bugs!
Lots of hugs!
Bugs is looking so dapper! :D

I agree with whoever told you not to watch the movie version of Owen Meany. I am not sure why they couldn't bring it to screen properly but they didn't. The movie is good if you have never read the book. I adore that book and was sorely disappointed. I also love Cider House Rules and the movie doesn't quite butcher it as badly...but it still only uses the book as a reference and is not a faithful recreation.

I have read 4 of his books and to be honest I was disappointed by the last one (The Fourth Hand). Maybe I have become disillusioned, but I just couldn't get into the characters as much. I think what I loved best about the characters in Owen Meany and Cider House rules was how they made me look at things in my own life from a whole different point of view.

Also in your next post would you mind discussing why you find the Daleks so scary...just curious. :D
Hi Karen

Wow Bugs is coming along great. I am looking forward to seeing him finished. I just love bugs bunny.


Kathy xxxxx
The very first Cybermen (of Tenth Planet) have always scared the living hell out of me.
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