Sunday, May 21, 2006


Card for a Friend

When I first started card making I couldn't stop. I loved nothing more than getting all my supplies out (which were few at that point) and seeing what I could come up with. As time went on though I had certain things in mind before I started. And now when I don't it puts me off so I haven't made as many cards of late. This one I made for a friend and I went back to how I used to do it. No clue as to what I was going to do, just my supplies all spread out for inspiration. The feathers/leafs were my sisters idea. She insisted that I used them and suggested that I had it round the edging. I went one further and decided to edge the whole card with them.
I edged the front with pink, purple and blue and the back with greens and yellows. I thought it would give an almost petal and leaf effect when closed. I then cover the card in blue tissue paper. I used my butterfly stamp to decorate the front and then finished it off with flower and star gems. It is a little different from what I would usually do but I am pleased with the way it turned out.

No stitching up date I'm afraid. Although I have appreciated everyone's comments of the FF fairies. I love this design the more I work on it. I didn't actually do any over the last two days so the last update is accurate. This week I am going to go back to bugs and see how much of that border I can get done. It is really slow word so I doubt I will get it finished. I have also been knitting which is another reason my stitching is slow. I am making a blanket for my sister (she uses them to sleep downstairs when she some in late from work and has an early start the next day). So I am knitting up lots of squares to stitch together. I have done 30 so far but quite a few more to go. It's not exactly interesting but it is easy to do when watching DVDs.

If anyone caught the second part to the Dr Who Cyberman story I would love to hear what you though. I sat on the edge of my seat through out. There was one part (I don't want to say too much and give it away) where you could see what was going to happen but hoped didn't and couldn't look away from the screen. I am tempted to say that this was better than the Dalek episodes.

One last thing. If anyone likes Star Trek then this might amuse you. I came accross what is supposed to be Captain Picards journal on Blogs of note.

Hi Karen! I adore that card!!! It's so unique and wonderful!! :) Great job on it! I haven't gotten into the card making scene as I'm sure I wouldn't be able to stop! LOL

Hope you are doing well!!

Have a great day!

I thought the concluding part was pretty gripping stuff too. It was probably the closest the new series has come to being like the old series. It's about time the Doctor met a sensible woman like Mrs Moore! :)

Your card is beautiful! What a lucky friend. :D

I watch Dr. Who, but it's very early here in the USA so I am not in step with your eps. We are in the first season, almost done. But I enjoy it very much. :D
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