Sunday, May 28, 2006


Challenge Almost Finished!

I'm afraid everything else went out the window yesterday as I began to work on San's challenge. A while back I bought chart paper and hunted it out yesterday. I got a few cat images to use as inspiration and started drawing cats into my sketch book. After a few attempts I moved onto the chart paper. The cat itself is now fully stitched and I am just doing some finishing touches. I am making it into something that can be used rather than just stitching onto a scrap piece of fabric and then leaving it like that. I'm not sure if that is the point of the challenge but it's how I've interpreted it. I hope other people join in too though as the fun part would be to see how different everyone's designs were. I'm not going to post a picture until I am finished so you will all have to wait until tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest.

While stitching I listened to the audio version of the first ever Cyberman storyline. The Doctor, Ben and Polly arrive at a station in the Arctic just as another planet appears in the solar system. This planet belongs to the Cybermen and it is dying. They need the energy of the Earth in order to survive. The people of Earth are given to options, die on their doomed planet or go with the cybermen and become like them.

This story explains so much about the Cybermen. I was unaware that the Cybermen were literally human to begin with and makes other storylines make so much more sense. It was narrated by Anneke Wills who played Polly. It was the one thing I was worried about. I know that without any narration there would be a great many scenes of silence and nothing would make sense. I was worrying for nothing as the narration was done well. I will be collecting more of these missing episodes on audio. It does make you wish though that they weren't missing.

you will certainly be the first to finish it ! I'm nowhere with it....

I'm impatient to see what you came up with ! Don't forget to post a picture on the forum !

The theme is mostly an idea, you can make whatever you want, something usable or not... the more accomplished the better !
Good review, Karen. I'm going to have to get a copy myself now! The last episode was one of the few I missed when they were broadcast. I was too young, as was the series, to be aware of the significance of the closing moments but luckily, as well as the first three episodes, and thanks to "Blue Peter", the regeneration still exists.

I have several of the missing Troughton serials but on audio tape rather than CD including his two Dalek stories and "Fury From The Deep". All three are worth a look. Isn't the cover of "The Tenth Planet" terrific?
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