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Cross Stitch Card Shop #48

This is my first attempt at a magazine review so I apologize for its poor quality.

The exclusive design to the magazine is an All Our Yesterdays chart called "Out Paddling". I do normally like the AOY designs however this one is a little dull. The colours are paler than normal which makes the design seem a little bland. To make up for this though it asks for light effects for the water. While it is a nice touch it really doesn't do much to help the design. I doubt that I will ever stitch this one.

Next are the party animal cards. A range of cards featuring different jungle animals in party mode. I love these cards. They are bright, colourful and full of fun. They would be ideal as birthday cards for any child (or if you are a child at heart any adult). Will definitely think about stitching these for my nieces. And I think my sister would love the monkey.

Next are some Gardening scenes which are stitched on linen. I don't normally like this sort of thing. However, there is something about them that appealed to me. The liked the different shades of green which remind me of when I was little. My sister and I used to love drawing out own gardens and we would use as many shades of green as possible. I decided to stitch one of these for my mum who loves gardening. The design size is fairly large so I don't think it has to be used as a card. I plan to get a little frame for it to match my mums kitchen.

Next are a set of house work cards. While the colours are lovely and bright I don't know anyone who would appreciate one of these. I never have liked this kind of card. They could be seen as funny as the ladies in the cards are all dressed up for a spot of housework. Maybe someone will like them.

Sue Pages art nouveau flowers are lovely. All pinks, peaches and greens. Not sure who I would stitch them for but I would probably hold on to these designs just in case.

The zodiac cards by Lesley Teare are appearing two at a time in every issue of the magazine. This issue it is Gemini and Cancer. Although not a fan of zodiac cards the colours are in lovely shades of orange and turquoise. Ideal for anyone who enjoys astrology.

The Fathers day cards by Maria Diaz are simple and will probably stitch quickly. If your dad's hobby isn't featured there I think it would be fairly simple to alter one of the designs to suit.

Another series featured in the magazine are Simply the best designs. This issue features Best mum and great pool player. Both are fun cards and would be useful to hang on to. I think I am more likely to stitch best mum than great pool player.

Next appears Maria Kelly's baby cards. Most baby cards I have seen use pastel colours. These ones use the usual pinks, yellows and blues but bright shades are used which makes them stand out all the more. I actually really like these as they are a little bit different.

The sea views by Debra Page are great too. They are described as being great for holidaymakers. I think they would also be good for people who love boats and yachting as there is a yacht in every single one of them.

Lastly there is the free design. The one thing I like about this magazine is that the freebie is always something to stitch and they don't over do the Winnie the Pooh designs. This month was a birthday card featuring a little dog. I thought it was very cute and couldn't resist stitching him. It really didn't take that long to stitch. Not sure who I will give him to but it is always good to have a card or two there just in case.

For anyone who is new to the magazine you will notice I haven't mentioned any readers stories. That's because there aren't any. It does have a letters page but that is it. Just means all the more space for more designs. Another reason that I really enjoy this magazine.

Spoilt! I feel spoilt! You are spoiling us with lots of interesting posts, Karen! Thank you! We awfully missed you!
Your review of this mag is great! I am happy you did it as I'm looking for a subscription to eventually replace Cross Stitcher.
Just like you, I'm not fond of garden scenes, although green is one of my favourite colours. But this scene you're stitching is so peaceful, I love it!
Thanks for this review, it is extremely useful. Also, this is how I first read San's blog, and started blogging, etc.
Take care!
Oooh thanks for the info on the mag Karen!! Hmm..I'll have to check that one out for myself. I tell you between you and have helped me save money in the UK mag department by your "reviews" LOL I used to buy them just to buy them..and at 10 dollars a pop..that got very expensive. LOL So thank you!! :)
I like this ( Cross Stitch Card Shop #48 ). Is it a magazenn our a book ? I can not find any good card desighn books here. Can you tell me how to purchace it ? Please email me at:
I liked the garden scenes the best from the mag.It's interesting to hear what someone else thinks to the designs.
There always seems to be a good mixture in Card Shop and most of the time the designs are suitable for other projects not just cards.Thanks for the review :)
Well done for your first ever mag review Karen! I really enjoyed reading your opinions and thoughts about the designs. Its nice to get someone else's take on different charts to see if they align to my views or if they think differently. Nice one! (p.s. I think I will buy it now)
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