Monday, May 15, 2006


Firefly Fairies & Doctor Who

I didn't do much more stitching on the snowman. Just a little bit of red on baby snowmans hat which wasn't worth taking a photo for. This week I decided to do a little work on the firefly fairies. Yesterday I picked it up again and was able to get quite a bit of her dress done. It is now really starting to take shape. I am hoping that I will get most of it finished by the end of the week. Next week I am not sure whether or not to go back to my normal rotation or to stick with this stitching on one per week. I am enjoying it this way at the moment but I guess I will see how I feel at the end of the week.

I know I said that I wasn't going to comment on any of the Doctor Who episodes but I couldn't let this one go by (if you don't want any spoilers then you should skip this part). This weeks episode saw the return of the Cybermen. The Doctor, Rose and Mickey are stuck on an alternate Earth. One where a madman is so concerned about prolonging his life that he has created the Cybermen, unfeeling machines with human brains. This reminds me so much of a Big Finish story which was about the creation of the cybermen. Just as creepy even if it was very different (I will have to look it out and listen to it again). Like in the Dalek episodes which ended the last season the Cybermen didn't really make an appearance until near the end and what an ending. The Doctor and co are surrounded with no way out and the Cybermen intent on killing them. I can't wait for next weeks. They do remind me of the Daleks though. These new cybermens mouths glow when they speak and like to say "eliminate" when killing. I can't remember if they ever said anything like that in the originals. (The photo is from the BBC website)

Thanks to everyone who commented on the snowmen and the hitchhikers gde to blogging. I have to admit that I do wonder what is the point sometimes too. However, when I am excited about anything I can't help but share. Blogging can be very addictive. Also when you find a group of people that you visit blogs with and swap comments it really turns into a little community which makes it all the more worth while. I can't remember why I first began though. I think it was partly curiosity. I had heard about blogs and wanted to give it a go.

This firefly has such a lovely dress!
Yep! I love this community feeling you have when blogging! And it is addictive at times...
Take care!
OOoh another one that was glued to The Cybermen's return on Dr Who too.. I was on the edge of my seat and practically shouting at the t.v. when it came up as To Be

Roll on next Saturday..

Glad you enjoyed the episode. I did too and thought it was a terrific double cliffhanger with Jackie being pursued into the cellar before the gang were surrounded outside! Great the way the Doc upped the pleading but the Cyberleader was having none of it!!!

"Spare Parts" is the Big Finish story you're thinking of! Mickey referenced it early on in the episode when he knew the Doc would go after Rose and not him. Although it seemed so, I don't think it was intended as just a throwaway line!
Hi Karen!! Glad to hear you are doing well! :) The firefly is just lovely!! :) Keep up the good work!!

I agree tho...blogging can be addictive! LOL Especially, when you find such fun things to make blogging interesting..besides your life..LOL

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