Friday, May 19, 2006


Firefly Fairies

Managed to do a little more work on the firefly fairies. A lot of her dress is now filled in. I am hoping to get that done for Sunday. The rest of the filling in involves beadwork which I am going to leave until the end. I am now looking forward to moving on to the next fairy although there is still some work on this one. It's just because the next one is blue which is my favourite colour. I promise to finish this one first though.

Judy - I have read all the Thursday Next books by Jasper Fforde and I agree they are a brilliant read. And very funny too. I have the latest of his books sitting there waiting on me to read but I just haven't got round to it yet.

Booking Through Thursday

Have you ever stumbled on a reading and found the author so charming you started reading their books? Or, have you
ever met a formerly favorite author and stopped reading their works because of how they treated their fans?

I have never met an author so charming that I have had to read all their books. And I have never been put off a favourite author either. It does happen though. I have a friend who enjoyed one author. Went to a few of his events and he turned out to be so arrogant that my friend refuses to read any of his books.

The fairies are coming along nicely!
Your firefly fairy looks very nice!
Wonderful fairy! The card you just made with the leaves looks great too! I hope you get the chance to go a long way with Bug's border...
Now off to your latest book review. I'm quite late in my blog reading actually...
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