Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Snowman Stocking

It turns out that I had done more to the snowman stocking the last time I picked it up than I thought. Last night I only had to add a few stitches and the top half is completely finished. A little unexpected surprise. There is still quite a lot to do on the bottom half. There is another snowman (I'll call him baby snowman for now) and then of course the banner to put a name. I am leaving the banner until last as I will have to work out the spacing of the lettering. Hopefully I will get quite a bit more done this week.

If anyone is looking for a great place on the net to talk to other stitchers then San has set up a forum just for this. It has a board for chatting to other stitchers, for showing off your work, giving blogging advice to newbies, stitch alongs, round robins and more. And San being bilingual has even set up a board for Spanish and French speakers. Definitely worth checking out. You will find me there as Karensff although I have yet to post anything.

Just now I am listening to the Zutons new album "Tired of Hanging Around" and loving it. It is a little slower paced than the first one which is one of the reasons that the first album is still my favourite. It does still have that distinct Zutons sound though so there is no doubting at all who it is. This is definitely going to be an album that I am going to go back to again and again.

Mary, thanks for your message. I'm glad that you like Bugs. It is definitely one of my favourite designs.

Timewarden, thanks again for your message. I really don't see myself as doing that much but thanks for your concern. I actually like the scene in the classroom but your right it is a good example of him being OTT.

If I haven't got round to posting a comment on your blog I'm not ignoring you. I am just a little slow at getting round everyone.

This stocking is such a joy to look at. And the names are fun...
I have also started on San's forum, but being shy doesn't help...
I'll make an effort this afternoon: looks like she has started a discussion about mags!
Lots of hugs!
The snowmen are looking lovely. It's nice to see them again.
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