Thursday, May 11, 2006


Warning! Long Post Ahead!

This is the work I have put into the Snowman this week so far. It looks a little strange because I am working on one sheet of the chart at a time. You can see some of Bert's lower body and part of the outline of the banner. The black and white stripes is part of the hat of baby snowman. Once he has a face I will let you all think of a name for him (or her). I plan on continuing with this for the rest of the week although I'm not sure how much I will get done. I didn't set goals when I decided to stick with this WIP for the week. I think I could definitely manage to have the Rest of baby snowmans hat done.

I did a lot of the stitching while watching "March of the Penguins". There is something about the penguin that I have always loved. Maybe I like the fact that they are so different from other birds. Watching this has just increased my fascination for them. It shows the life of a Penguin. It begins with their March towards the place they were born and the place where they will find a mate. It then follows them through this and the life of a chick and ends with them back where they started. It is narrated by Morgan Freeman who does a wonderful job. Very moving at times, can't help but feel for them although I did find myself laughing too. I definitely recommend this. Especially if you enjoy animal documentaries.

Lili, I haven't read Harlan Coban. I don't read much crime to be honest. I prefer fiction or sci fi & fantasy. Occasionally I will take a notion for crime though. The next time I do I will be sure to try one of his books.

I got this from Mary's blog. It pokes a little fun at blogging. I thought it was funny and thought some of you might too.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Blogging

Blogging: Blogging is the act of regularly updating your web site with some humdrum information about your life or a link to something you just read on the Internet in the mistaken belief that anyone actually cares. It is the 21st century equivalent of hanging around railway stations writing pithy but erudite descriptions of the passing trains. To take part in blogging or, to use the appropriate terminology, to join the blogosphere there are a couple of things you need to do. Firstly, you will need to increase the size of your ego. Without a swollen ego, you simply cannot achieve the levels of solipsism required by a modern blog. This necessary step is often missed by new bloggers, but without it you won't believe that anyone is remotely interested in what you have had for lunch today, how cute your cat Mittens is, or whether or not you designed some tedious Internet protocol. In fact, blogging without an oversized ego can actually be dangerous. If you start using words like blogosphere, there is a very real possibility that your own major intestine will leap straight up through your neck and throttle your brain in an attempt to preserve civilization. Fortunately, there are various forms of medication to increase the size of your ego, many offering a money-back guarantee that you'll be at least twice as obnoxious in four weeks or less. Until you are sufficiently obnoxious, you might feel the need to explain, or at the very least describe the very things you link to. Experienced bloggers know that they are so important that readers will blindly follow their links. After all a few seconds of one blogger's time are clearly more valuable than all the time spent by people discovering they really didn't care. The other thing you should do to become a successful blogger is change your web site to use dotted lines and unreadable tiny fonts, wherever possible.
Speaking of which, I came accross this blog of someone collecting peoples lists. It is strange the things that people will collect.

Wow Snowman is progressing great, keep at it hon.

I loved the "Hitchhiker's guide to blogging" and that blog with the lists, okay you have me hooked on How sad is that..

Love the snowmen!!!
That ego stuff is what makes me doubt about my blogging really: "who on earth cares about what I'm stitching, for Christ's sake?" is the question I ask myself every time I think I should make a post. And that generally puts me off for a few days... then I want to share so much that I finally do it...
Your book reviews and series critics make your blog especially interesting.
I haven't seen the movie yet, but I plan to if I have the chance. I looove animal documentaries!
Lots of hugs!
Your snowmen are great! And I also loved the Hitchikers Guide, very astute. I still have a hard time blogging because I honestly don't think anyone cares...and am happily surprised when people (like you) leave me comments. LOL Thanks for sharing.
Glad your readers also enjoy The Hitchhiker's Guide to Blogging. I still feel self-conscious about most of my blogging, except for what I do on my family blog. In the end, it is the need I have to express certain things, and my desire to practice writing, that makes me do it, regardless of someone else's interests. I just pray I don't actually increase my ego to the size described in the piece! If I do, cut me down to size, okay?
Hi Karen,
Love your snowfamily. It's really stitching up beautifully.
I especially love how colourful it is. Quite the contrast to the black, whites and greys of Mr B. Bunny.
By the way, be warned, I'm a big fan of Bugs's and so when you've done with that particular project I plan to come over and steal it from you. (Insert insidious, evil laugh here!!)
Cheers Judy
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