Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Another Freebie

I stitched another freebie. This one is from March's issue of Cross Stitch Crazy. I think that I will probably keep this for my mum's birthday as she is a fan of these designs. I attached it to a plain white card but used some purple paper to back the design. I wanted to brighten it up a bit and I quite like the way it turned out. I am sure my mum will like it. My best friend was someone else I thought of for the card. I have another AOY freebie and I can always stitch that one for her.

Lili, I am going to stick with your advice and keep with Bugs until he is finished. I made a start on the silver within the border. Not enough for a photo update though.

Stitch, I actually rarely use the aperture cards. One of the first cards I stitched called for the edging of the fabric to be frayed and then the design attached to the top of a plain white card. I liked it that way and I have stuck to doing it that way ever since.

I have been doing my best to avoid the World Cup. I apologise to all fans and to everyone who is supporting it but football bores me to tears. I'm not going to pretend it doesn't just because the World Cup is supposed to be special. I am not a bitter Scot and do hope England will do well. I even took part in the sweet stake in work but that is as far as my support will go. So instead I have been watching DVD's. Growing fond of David Tennent in Dr Who I came across "Blackpool", a musical TV series originally shown on the BBC a few years back. It stars David Morrisey as the owner of an arcade who wants nothing more than to turn Blackpool into Vegas. His plans fall apart when he becomes the prime suspect of a murder. David Tennent plays the police officer investigating the murder and falls for the prime suspects wife (played by Sarah Parish).

Thankfully the singing is done in an almost Karaoke style. They sing underneath the songs themselves so you can just barely hear them singing along. I found myself cringing at them but unable to look away. In the end I actually found myself looking forward to these sing alongs. I even found it funny. It is definitely different. One of those things which are good to watch with a friend as you can laugh at it together.

Lili, changing actors annoy me too. However, the companions of the Doctor have always changed. It became part of what Doctor Who was and they changed more often that the Doctor. So in this instance I really don't mind it and it always kept the show fresh. Or at least in my mind it did. If you talk to most Doctor Who fans as well as their favourite Doctor they will have a favourite companion too. I'm afraid I haven't heard of Chameleon. What is it about?

Lovely card! I really like what you've done with it! These "backing" papers can really make a difference, as you spotted on my flora vine.
I will try to find a link to the series I was mentioning (it's been over for a few years now) and include it in my next post -soon, I hope...
Looking forward to seeing Bugs: the more I see him take shape, the more I love him!
Lots of hugs!
OMG I absolutely adored Blackpool :) I think thats when I "fell in love" with DT. Then I saw him in Casanova, and that was it.. I was hooked.

In my eyes he is the better of the new Dr Who's, he's kind of along the same par as Tom Baker.

I agree with you about football, Karen. I just do not understand why it is so "life or death" to so many people! But then they probably wouldn't understand why "Doctor Who" is so important to us. One of the few things I agree with RTD about is that footie fans are the real geeks not us intelligent SF fans!! ;)

Several favourite companions! I liked all the female companions through Troughton's run, Polly, Victoria and Zoe, and laterly Peri who I thought harked back to the earlier ones mentioned.
Congratulations on your finish - your little girl looks really good on that purple backing paper.
I remember 'Blackpool' - it was the first thing I saw David Tennant in. I thought it was interesting and brave to do a musical TV programme, it stayed in my mind!
I can't get enough of Dr Who at the moment although was disappointed in last week's episode. I was sad to hear Rose is going, I guess that means we won't see her Mum any more either.
I'm not a football fan either, can't see all the fuss about blokes kicking a ball about a field!
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