Monday, June 12, 2006


Book Reviews

"Memoirs of a Geisha" by Arthur Golden.

Not long after Chiyo discovers her mother is dying a local businessman sell her and her sister. They are separated and Chiyo soon begins training to become a Geisha. Chiyo fights this destiny as she plans to find her sister and return home. She soon accepts what she has to become but the head Geisha of the house stands in her way and does her best to destroy her chances. Only with the help of another Geisha does things begin to go her way.

I loved this book from start to finish. Each page had something new to reveal about the struggles a Geisha faces. More so for Chiyo as she has to learn a new life. The book had a flow to it and I found it difficult to break that flow by putting the book down. I would definitely recommend this book.

"Pandora's Star" by Peter F. Hamilton.

This is a universe where humans are still spreading out amongst the stars. And where humans can live forever. Rejuvination means becoming 20 again but retaining all your memories. There is no such thing as permanent death as memories are stored, regularly updated and placed in a clone if needed. Traveling to planets is nothing to these people as wormhole technology ensures that it takes seconds. An astronomer makes a discovery which unsettles these ancient humans. A distant star system disappears. A sphere is used to hold a whole solar system. The question is, is it a hiding place or is it a prison. The technology itself is far beyond human knowledge.

I love Peter F. Hamilton books. He likes to use lots of different characters and have lots of little plot lines within a book which eventually come together. Each character takes on a life of its own and have their own little stories. A great read and would recommend it for any sci fi fan.

Please spare a thought for Lili who's mum isn't very well just now.

Sorry to hear your mat didn't come out perfect the first time. I'm sure the next one will be great.

I have been wanting to read Memoirs after seeing the movie, now I think I'll hit the library for it. :D
I read Memoirs of Geisha before they make it into a film. It is simply wonderful and very addictive.

Have you read Angela's Ashes...another great book too.
Thank you for my mom, Karen.
I haven't read Angela's ashes, but I've seen the film, and that was definitely enough misery for me. I felt for them so much, couldn't help crying several times... Well...
The Geisha book must be very interesting, showing such a different practically unknown way of life. It must be revolting at times too.
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