Thursday, June 22, 2006


Book Reviews

"Misfortune" by Wesley Stace.

Rose Loveall started out life as an abandoned baby. Her life was saved by Lord Loveall who took her into his home and brought her up as his heir. His hope was that she would replace his beloved sister who had died years before. The problem is that Rose is actually a boy. In his grief for his sister the Loveall can't see this part and poor Rose is brought up believing she is a girl. Her relations would love nothing more than to get hold of this fact so that they can grab hold of Loveall Hall and their fortune.

Definitely a strange book. Or at least a strange premise. I wasn't sure what I was expecting but I didn't think I would be moved by it. I felt sorry for Rose as I read about her happy childhood which you know is going to come crashing down. Then to read about her struggle to find her own identity and then her fight against the rest of the family. A great book I highly recommend.

"The Resurrection Casket" by Justin Richards

The Tardis accidentally stumbles into a zone where nothing electronic works. Instead everything is powered by steam. The Doctor and Rose has to find a way to get the Tardis out of the area so that they can leave. In the meantime they find themselves in a murder mystery with the legend of ancient treasure at the centre of it. They decide to help find the treasure and a hunt is set up which could uncover the murderer and free the Tardis.

I think these books are aimed at children more than anything else. This one is fun and if you love "Treasure Island" then you will love or hate this. Each of the characters can be found in this book and it is fun and easy to work out whose who. It actually reminds me very much of Disney's "Treasure Planet".

"Wideacre" by Philippa Gregory.

Beatrice Lacey is brought up to love her home Wideacre. She loves the land more than anything else in the world and soon learns everything she needs to know to run it. Early on she discovers that her love of the land and her ability won't matter. Wideacre will go to her brother and she will be married off and sent away. At first she doesn't believe it. Then her brother returns from school and her beloved fathers attention moves forever away from herself to her brother. From that moment her life is spent ensuring that Wideacre becomes hers at any cost to everyone else.

This is the first time I have read a book where I have detested the narrator. There is nothing about Beatrice Lacey to like and I spent most of the book looking forward to her downfall. I think it was only because I wanted to see if her downfall did actually take place that I did actually finish the book. It is difficult to read a book when there is nothing at all likeable about the person telling her life story. On top of that too much time was spent on describing her clothes alone for my liking. I have since read reviews of this book and most Philippa Gregory fans agree that this is not her best and that it is probably the worst someone new to her books could choose. Too late, it has definitely put me off and I think it will take a lot for me to pick up another of her books. I chose this one because it was listed as her first. So my recommendation is that if you want to give her books a try AVOID this one.

"Jpod" by Douglas Coupland.

Ethan works for a games designing company. He is part of a team known as Jpod. A team that once your a part of you will find difficult to get out of as new employee Caitlin soon discovers to her horror. The team seem to spend more time amusing themselves than actually doing any work. Then there is Ethans family life. Seemingly normal parents and brother who manage to get him into the most bizarre situations. Feeding and clothing a bunch of illegal immigrants, befriending a member of the mafia and trying to free his father of a lover turned stalker is just a few. The last straw for Ethan is discovering that his co workers and family are buying into something and refusing to tell him about it.

I have been waiting for the release of this book for a long time. Having read all his other works I became impatient for this one. It was well worth the wait. This is definitely Couplands best. I found myself laughing out loud all the way through. It's one of those ones I found difficult to put down and so read it in a night. I also can see myself rereading it a number of times. If you have read "Microserfs" and enjoyed it then you will like this. It is on a similar line. If you are new to Coupland then this is a great introduction.

that Jpod book looks interesting... now I know what I will read next ;)

I have to admit I haven't finished "the constant princess" from Philippa gregory, too predictible and slow.

I'm reading the hitch hiker guide to the galaxy at the moment, I felt like being the only person who has not read it ;)
These books sound interesting (well except for the Beatrice Lacey one). You do such great reviews and I can't believe how many books you read. Amazing. :D

Your little freebie card is so cute, love the colors and the purple paper is a great touch. :D
"...where nothing electronic works." - sounds like our house! :)

I love "Treasure Island" and was very keen on ITV's "Return to Treasure Island" with Brian Blessed, broadcast 20 years ago.

I haven't read "Hitchhiker's" either but have the BBC TV series on tape. I notice Douglas Adams is 1 of the specialist subjects on "Mastermind" tonight!
Great book review! You're such a bookworm!
I've finally found Audrey Niffenegger's book, and I'm keeping it for the holidays. (other stuff to read before -and keeping a treat for the best moment of the year).
Misfortune and JPod definitely sound interesting, and I'll take the references!
Thank you, Karen!
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