Thursday, June 08, 2006


Bookmark Finished!

Hardanger proves to be very easy to cut out of the fabric without damaging it. My second go at this bookmark was more successful. I started with the outline first this time. I really like these button hole stitches, it really sets off the edging. After I did that I basically made up the rest as I went along. Originally I had planned to cross stitch a little motif in the centre. However, it just felt natural to continue with the Hardanger. I'm really pleased with the way it turned out. I am now working on a set of mats for my mum. Not cat ones as my mum is reluctant to use the challenge one. in case it gets dirty. So I'm just making plain hardanger ones. Again I am making it up as I go along. I bought some fabric and decided to use 22count aida as it is stronger than the linen. Hopefully I will have a photo for you tomorrow.

No other stitching done I'm afraid. I have been spending my days off in town with my sister. I still haven't cleared out my craft supplies. I will try to get round to that today as I have plans to spend tomorrow with a friend. Just a short post today I'm afraid. I am hoping to have some book reviews for you soon too.

Lovely work Karen. I love hardanger, but haven't ever got the hang of doing it myself.
You've done a lovely bookmark, Karen! It is a precious object!
Glad to read you're having a good time with your sister. I have always wished I had one. Well... A brother's not bad either!
Lots of hugs!
22 ct is really excellent for learning hardanger - and for larger hardanger projects in particular! Your bookmark is wonderful and I'm soooo glad you're enjoying hardanger. :D
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