Tuesday, June 13, 2006


First Freebie Finished.

I still haven't sorted out which of the freebies I am sending to charity but I did pick out a small pile that I want to stitch to begin with. This little ballerina was from Cross Stitch Card Shop and was at the top of my pile. She was easy to stitch up. Mind you if I had read the instructions before I began stitching I wouldn't have panicked about running out of thread. She was supposed to be stitched with one thread. Her dress is stitched in two and I did the rest in one. I didn't run out in the end and I actually like the effect of her dress standing out more. She is now in my little box with other finished projects waiting for a home. I will try to stitch one of these a week.

Funny people should mention the film after my review of the book but I did buy the DVD. Halfway through the book I decided to get it even though I hadn't yet seen it. I did enjoy it but so much of it was different from the book (as is usual with things like this). I can understand the changes though. The basic storyline was the same but changes had to be made to some of the events in order for it to work on film. Also quite a lot of the book was cut out. While it flowed well in the book I don't think it would have worked well on film so again I can understand it. Kim I think you would really enjoy the book if you liked the film. Would be interested in hearing what you thought of it and the differences between the two. Zohrah, I have read "Angela's Ashes" and even the follow up "Tis". I enjoyed them both but never felt the urge to watch the film adaption or to read the third book (I think it was called "Teacher").

I am also very excited as I just discovered that Battlestar Galactica season 2 will be released here in the UK in August. I have actually pre ordered it. I just finished watching season1 a second time round and still enjoyed it. Looking forward to 2 as it is meant to be longer and better.

Bastet, I am glad you are finally getting to see the first series of new Dr Who. Are you enjoying it? We have just finished another double episode in season 2 and it was a good one. Please don't let my problems with Hardanger put you off. It was my own silly mistakes and I didn't have a problem until then. The black one is going well but slowly. I can only stitch it in daylight for a short length of time before I start going cross-eyed.

I still have to read "Memoirs of a gheisha". I bought it though ! I'm reading "the Constant Princess" about Katherine of Aragon at the moment.

I've seen the movie "Angela's ashes", it's quite good, but hard. Haven't read the book.

I too cut where I'm not supposed to in hardhanger sometimes, but hey, we can't be perfect all the time ;)
Your ballerina turned out perfect that way! What do you use to make cards? Do you use real cards, or do you use cardboard that you cut and fold? And if so, how do you get them so perfect? My own tries have been disastrous, which led me to buying ready-made cards, but they're quite expensive in France...
Your little ballerina is so adorable, Karen!
Love getting all the movie and book reviews too, both in blogs and comments. :D I made a note to check my library for The Constant Princess.
Your ballerina is adorable! I like the effect of the darker dress. :D

If you liked S1 Battlestar you will LOVE S2. It's great, but I think you will be SHOCKED at the ending. ;)

I liked Underworld Evolution, but I wish I had watched the first one again prior to viewing. I had forgotten some important plot points. I would consider these movies more action oriented with a vampire subplot. That aside it was an interesting premise. I just hope they don't try for #3. ;)
Hi Karen! :) Hope this finds you well! What an adorable ballerina!! :) Excellent job on that one! I have Memoirs of Geisha on my reading list..(once the local library actually keeps a copy)..It must be soo good as the library is having to replace it all the time. I can't believe that some people would actually "steal" from the library! LOL Anyhoo, as for "Angela's Ashes" very tough book to read. Not so much the language..but the story itself....

Also, loved the hardanger you did! What beautiful thread colors!! Are they overdyeds and where can I get them!? *big grin* LOL

Have a great day!

X Stitch X
What are your thoughts on Rose leaving, Karen? Who would you like to see as the new companion and who do you think will get the role?
I must be way behind, I don't even realise that they had Book 2 and 3. At the moment waiting anxiously for Terry Goodkind book (Phantom)to hit Singapore. I thought of re-reading the whole set just for the fun of it but I still can recall the story. Maybe when I've forgotten the story then I can re-start.

Currently reading Auschwitz by Laurence Rees. Have a great weekend. :)
What a cute ballerina!!! :) I have seen the Geisha movie but haven't read the book. I think I should though because I am curious to see what the movie left out! ;)
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