Saturday, June 10, 2006


Have been tagged!

Kathy tagged me with five things I have;

Five things in my fridge; Milk, cheese, orange juice, diet coke and salad dressing

Five things in my closet; jeans, work t-shirts, cream skirt, DVDs and my back pack with work folders.

Five things in my purse; purse, digital camera, MP3 player, notepad, lip balm

Five things in my car; I don't own a car, still haven't got round to learning to drive.

Five peopl to tag; I tag everyone.

Hi Karen!! LOL What kind of salad dressing?? I think I have about four different kinds..Ranch, Catalina, French...and something else. I can't remember..LOL I"m sure you needed to know that bit of info about me. Anyhoo, a bit late..but that's a beautiful bookmark you did!! *applause* I'm not daring enough to try bravo for being able to do that! :)

Have a great day!
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