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You can't really see it well but I have been working on bugs, honest! I have filled in the silver down the left hand side, the bottom left hand corner, the bottom strip and made a start on the right hand corner. I had meant to do more but last night I fell asleep while reading. Nothing to do with the book. I have just been doing this a lot lately. I feel refreshed in the morning so I must be needing this extra sleep. I won't get any more work done on Bugs tonight but I will work on him tomorrow. Thanks for all your comments on the AOY card. Still haven't chose my freebie for next week.

The latest Dr Who DVD release is from the early John Pertwee years called "Inferno". The Dr is still fighting his exile on Earth and Liz Shaw is working beside him. A group of scientists are drilling to the centre of the Earth to tap into a new power source. One that will give the world an unlimited source of power. The Doctor fears that things could go disastrously wrong. He is proved correct when he is accidentally transported to a parallel Earth and sees the effects of breaching the Earths crust. His only hope is to get back and stop the drilling.

This is one I hadn't seen before and I very much enjoyed it. I always enjoyed the mirror universe episodes in Star Trek and so I looked forward to this one. Plus I had only ever seen Liz Shaw in Pertwee first Doctor Who story line with the autons. I liked the fact that the Doctor is working with a companion who is also a fellow scientist.

San, I don't blame you for giving up on "The Constant Princess". I wanted to give up on "Wideacre" except that I wanted to see Beatrice get the ending she deserved. It was slow going too as too much time was spent on describing her clothes and how attractive she thought she looked in them. Hitchhikers gd is good though. I read the whole series and enjoyed them all apart from the last two. I thought they were hilarious and loved Marvin. I can't recommend Jpod enough though.

Kim, glad you liked my book reviews. I spend a great deal of time reading which is why I go through so many. I can't help it! I always plan to do other things but my books always call on me. That and the fact that I love nothing more than starting and finishing a book.

Timewarden, I have to confess the only treasure island movie I have seen is the muppets one. Which is also one of my favourite muppet movies. I have read the book though and enjoyed it.

A close-up on the pic allowed me to see the silver lining, and it looks BEAUTIFUL! What thread are you using?
Keep on, Karen!
Lots of hugs!
Bugs is looking great Karen :o)
Bugs is FANTASTIC! You got a lot done since the last time I saw him. :D The silver is wonderful, but I can see why it takes a while. ;)

I do love to read, but I just never find the time. Since I started stitching it consumes all my time. I think my problem is when I get in a good book I can't let it go till it's done. I will read all night if I have too... LOL
Bugs is looking very smart - looks like he's close to finished - is there much more to go?
You read a lot of books! I've read only 2 this year. Where do you keep them all after you've read them?
When you gotta sleep, you gotta sleep :-) I just adore Bugs and am always thrilled to see it in your blog!
Really pleased you enjoyed "Inferno". It's my second favourite Pertwee and, until now, have been making do with a poor quality Betamax recording, originally made off-air by a friend of a friend in Australia many years ago!

If you haven't seen the other two seven-part Liz Shaw stories then you've a real treat to look forward to.

Have you read "Harry Sullivan's War" by Ian Marter? Thought I'd mention it in case you haven't as you said you would've liked more of Harry. Ian Marter also wrote the novelisation of Disney film "Splash" under the pseudonym Ian Don (his middle name).
Hi Karen! Whoo hoo!! Bugs is looking fantastic! So dapper in his little tux there. LOL Great job! No worries about progress tho...every little bit counts. :)

Have a good rest of the weekend! :)


X Stitch X
Bugs is coming along really nicely. One day I will stitch mine.
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