Sunday, June 04, 2006


Lazy Days

I have some time off work just now and I have been doing nothing. Well, I knitted a few block towards my sisters blanket but who wants to see photo's of that! Other than that I have been watching DVD's, Doctor Who, reading and sleeping. I can't remember the last time I slept late. I don't let myself do that on my days off because it feels like I have wasted the day. But I slept late yesterday and today and I loved it. There is nothing better than slowly waking up and realising that you really don't have to move.

My plans for today are to gut out all my craft supplies. They are in a bit of a muddle and I don't know exactly what I have since I have bits and pieces from lots of different crafts. Like San I am going to set up a folder for designing as it will come in handy for the monthly challenges. My Hardanger bookmark I will have to start again. I made a mistake in there which means I will have to start from scratch. I am going to try and cut out all the stitching and try to save the fabric.

I've also been listening to "Ring of Fire: the Legend of Johnny Cash" which I have been enjoying. I am one of the many who got into his music through the film. Unfortunately the rest of the family don't quite agree with me and tend to stay away from whatever room I am playing it in (means I get peace). There is a song in there he sings with Willie Nelson, someone else I never thought I would appreciate, and I am thinking of giving some of his music a go. I'll see how far this interest takes me. My problem is that there is not one kind of music that I really favour over the other. I tend to like a bit of everything.

Thanks for all your lovely comments.

Hi Karen! Good to see you! Welcome to the wonderful world of Johnny Cash. Quite a deep and powerful voice that man has. We lost a great one, when we lost him. By we, I mean the country music community. LOL

Well now, if you have any crafty stuff you need someone to give it to..then you have my address. LOLOL Kidding..Good luck tho with organizing! One can get quite carried away once they see all they accumulated. I know I did..


X Stitch X
Oh, I'm sorry to read about the bookmark!
I agree with you: nothing better than waking up slowly and realizing that it's a day off, with no time schedules... Scarcely happens, though!
Take care!
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