Sunday, June 11, 2006


Matt Disaster!

Well I finished the matt and it was all going well until I began to cut. I really should have paid more attention while I was doing it. The first thing I did was cut some the thread. The second thing I did was begin cutting out a square that should not have been cut. My third mistake was to cut yet more threads. So it is looking very messy and is unusable. That and it is a little small. It think the next matt should have less squares cut out of it. Anyway, we learn from our mistakes.

I'm back at work and I really don't have much to show for my week off stitching wise. I will make a better effort this week. I have begun another matt. This time all in black. My sister is flat hunting and wants me to make them for her. I chose black as it is the only colour you ever see her in. That and I wanted to see the effect. It is taking me longer though as black on black is difficult to stitch with.

I finally went through some of my craft supplies yesterday. Actually I had a bit of a spring clean and I'm still not done. I put all my magazines together, ready to sort through and take out the patterns I want. It's amazing how fast they grow. It is going to take me a couple of sessions to go through them. The first thing I am going to do though is to go through all the freebies. I very rarely stitch them and they have mounted up. I am going to have to be ruthless as there is no way I will manage to stitch them all. So I will be making a pile that will go to charity. The rest I will begin stitching and make into cards. They can always be put away to be given as birthday cards. I also don't believe how much fabric I have. Most of it is just 14count Aida but there is quite a lot. Will take me a while to go through all that. And with all my tidying I did the unthinkable. I forgot to watch Doctor Who. Actually I really just forgot the time. Not to worry I will watch it tonight on BBC3.

Stitch, to be honest I have no idea what kind of salad dressing it is. My mum uses it. I am the boring one in the family. I don't add salt or dressing to my salads. It's just that our fridge doesn't have much in it just now and I was struggling to think of something to add.

Timewarden, that's a good question and I pass it out to everybody. Which X-Man would you be? When I watched the cartoons Rogue was always my favourite. In the films though her power is a little boring. I think maybe Kitty. I am always walking into things so her power might come in useful. I wouldn't have to worry about collecting bruises. Your right Patrick Stewart is always worth seeing. Hale Berry does have more of a role. I heard that it was the only way she would agree to come back and do another film. I think you would have to watch the second film to watch this one. If you know what happens then it isn't essential but I think it helps. SFX is my favourite sci fi mag and yet I have never visited their website. Will have to make a point of doing that.

I like your matt ! I don't see any major mess... so I think you should use it as heavy duty everyday matt ;)
I've been wanting to attempt hardanger, but the problems you're having with this matt is the reasons that keeping me from attempting it. I'm just about positive I'll do all those and more. But best wishes for the black on black. I want to see them when you get them done. I love black.

Oh! while I was away from blogs the Sci-Fi channel picked up Doctor Who! The otehr night I watched the regen episode! I'm hoping that they'll pick up the 10th doctor when it's available for distrubution.
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