Sunday, June 18, 2006


No More Rose!

I still haven't been that much in the mood to stitch. So this week I haven't done much. I haven't even bothered with Hardanger that much. I've been doing a tiny bit of the black matt at a time. You would think it was large in size the time it is taking me. The truth is the black on black is putting me off. It's just so hard to see. I did pick up Bugs again for a while. I finished off the black of the border. I might just stick with him as there isn't really that much more to go. Just the silver in the border, the shading and then the dreaded back stitch. I was worried I would run out of black before I got to the back stitch but there is plenty left.

Thank you for the comments on the little ballerina. Lili, the good thing about Cross Stitch Card Shop is that all their freebies come with a card. But no, I don't usually make my own. I tend to buy packs of cards with envelopes. I know I will use them all so I don't mind paying out the money. Plus it doesn't cost much to buy a large pack of plain cream cards which I can then add colour to myself.

Time Warden mentioned that the BBC have announced that Billie Piper will be leaving at the end of series two. They have been denying this since about half way through series one and now they have finally admitted that it is true. I'm not sure how she will leave but I think it will be big. "Satans Pit" hinted that Rose will die and "Love & Monsters" mentioned that "Rose will pay the price". So maybe Rose will join the small list of companions who were killed off.

I did see on the front of one newspaper (I can't remember which one) that Jennifer Ellison might be the next companion. After Brookeside and a failed pop career she has fallen from the limelight. All I can say is I really hope it is just a rumour. She would be far down the bottom of my list of choices. I'm not sure who I would choose though. I always liked the fact that the Doctors companions were relatively unknown. I would quite like it to go back to that. Plus I don't think any fan would want to see the Doctor become known for picking up blondes. Someone a little different would be nice.

Kim, I have to admit I have been reading episode guide for BSG 2 as they have appeared in the British magazines. I don't normally do that as I like to be surprised but I couldn't help it. Each one sounds better and better. I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Your Bugs looks great, despite your slow stitching mojo right now :-)
Hi Karen! I have to say I only wish that over here in US, we had some of the great card designs that you do. :( Open cards with a slot to insert pictures, cross stitch...are VERY hard to find especially in different shapes. *sigh* LOL But anyhoo, Bugs is looking great!! I understand about all the black tho! :p If I see any more brown colors it won't be soon enough as the Koala Bear square has a bazillion!!!! Ugh....LOLOL

No worries tho..your stitching mojo will come back soon! :)


X Stitch X
All the actresses in the frame for the role are from soaps. Nikki Sanderson would simply be a Rose clone. It would be nice to have someone who hasn't tried their hand at being a pop star too!

Someone like Caroline Harker, probably best known as WPC Hazel Wallace in "Frost", RTD would probably see as being too old, which is a shame and she's maybe too serious an actress to play opposite Tennant's Doctor.
Hi Karen! I do love your Bugs, and I think that it might be a good idea to stick to it as there isn't much left to do, and finishing this beautiful project might bring back the mojo. Though being tired is normal at times!!!
Changing actresses: that really puts me off! When Shannen Dougherty left Charmed, I let it all down (though I don't give a damn about her, really). Don't laugh, though! My cat Phoebe is named after my fav sister in the series! My fav series was The Chameleon (Jarod, Miss Parker... ever heard of it?)...
Sending you lots of hugs!
Karen, I think Lili is talking about The Pretender, its on Sci Fi now and again.

I heard that they were talking to Rachel Stevens about the part of the companion.

I just hope they have the same rapport that Billie Piper and DT had.. Still as long as DT is the dr then I dont

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