Thursday, June 29, 2006



Another week another freebie. This one took me a little longer than the others. I love the forever friends bears. I remember in high school my friends and I loved them and a few of us even collected them. Although an anchor design the backstitch isn't nearly quite as bad as the tatty teds. However, remind me never to stitch Roses on an anchor kit again. I had to force myself to finish it and running out of one of the colours didn't help. I'm glad I finished him though. Although I think on the pink background it looks more like a valentines card than a birthday card. I have another FF bear freebie to be stitched but I think I will leave it for now and stitch something else next week.

Lili, I am using design works thread. I think the silver thread is their own too. It is easier to work with than DMC and krenik but it still tends to break apart after a while.

I decided to take a little break from stitching for a few hours yesterday and made a start on a new scrapbook. This one is for my sister. I have decided to make a scrapbook using photo's from our days out together. This is only the first page. I need to wait until I get some photo's back before I make a start on the other. The photo in the corner I have coloured in black as my sister isn't too keen on the idea of her photo on the net. WH Smith have started to sell scrapbook supplies and I couldn't help but pick up some. It might encourage me to continue with my San Francisco scrapbook. My latest problem though is to find a cross stitch design that I can use for the front of my sisters scrapbook. I thought it would be nice to attach a sister or friendship design to the front. However, I haven't come across anything that stands out. The only thing I liked was an AOY design. The problem is that although I like it, it doesn't really fit my sister. The last resort will be a care bear design. I'll just have to keep my eyes open (if anyone has any ideas I would be happy to hear them).

Gill, I have to admit that I am running out of space for all my books. They seem to be taking over the house. I have a box filled with all my hardbacks and my bookcase is doubled up with books. I give the ones I'm not too fond of or know I won't read again to the local charity shop.

Timewarden, thanks for the info on the Ian Marter book. I looked it up on amazon and it looks as though he has written quite a few Dr Who books. This one looks interesting though and I will have to give it a try.

Your freebie FF Teddy looks great. I agree with you it does look like a Valentines Day card with all that pink. Where did you find the Freebie? I've not seen it before.
Hi Karen! I like this freebie! and I definitely agree with you about Anchor and all those backstitches -often out of the holes. I have a Newton kit that came with aida, and I have swapped for linen. I'll work on it when I'm on holiday.
Your scrapbooking looks great! I've never done any of it, but I think there are loads of great ideas to pick in there!
Take care!
I love your Forever Friends card. It's so cute. I understand what you mean bout the backstitch but the result is worth it, don't ya think? Doesn't matter if it looks like a Valentine card... I'm sure it'll be much appreciated.
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