Saturday, June 10, 2006


X Men 3

Which X-Men character are you most like?

You are Professor X!You are a very effective teacher, and you are very committed to those who learn from you. You put your all into everything you do, to some extent because you fear failure more than anything else. You are always seeking self-improvement, even in areas where there is nothing you can do to improve.
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Wouldn't have classed myself as Professor Xavier but never mind. Went to see Xmen3 and loved it. Before going to see it I had heard mostly criticism. That it wasn't as strong as the first two but it had great special effects. Also heard that you could tell that three different directors were involved at one time or another. I have to admit that I didn't notice that. I think that I probably enjoyed it more because my expectations weren't as high. It's true that the storyline isn't as strong as the first two movies but it is still enjoyable. Has it's sad moments and the extra characters just make it more fun (in my mind anyway). So if you have enjoyed the first two then I would recommend that you go and see this one. I have heard that this is definitely the last one, that it is going to remain a trilogy. However, the ending makes me think that there is a chance that there will be more. If you don't mind sitting through all the credits you should stay to the end as there is a little extra there.

Glad you enjoyed the movie. Any film with Patrick Stewart in is worth seeing and with Sir Ian doubly so. I hear Halle Berry has more to do this time around?

The SFX website gave it a poor review but Teletext were more positive. There's a very constructive review of "Rise/Steel" worth reading on the SFX site, btw, which was good to see, balancing those who have been very critical of the Cyber two-parter.

I've only seen the first X-Men so maybe I should see the second next. Actually, I should probably see the first again as I don't remember it too well as it was a while back!

Out of curiosity, which one would you have classed yourself as and why?
Hey Karen, it's been awhile. I pretty much agree with you on your X-Men review. I love the characters so much, it would be hard for me to not like the movie. I was happy to see Beast this time around. It was a little gory for my usual taste, but I survived.
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