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I think I may have mentioned a website called 1000 Journals. If you don't remember it don't worry as it was at least a year ago. The founder of the website came up with the idea of creating journals and sending them out in the world for people to fill some pages and then pass on again. They were then supposed to make their way back to the founder who had plans to set up some kind of exhibition and publish a book. I loved the idea of this and every now and then I would go back and see if any of those journals had made their way home.

On one of those returns to the site there was a message stating that a sister site had formed called 1001 journals. In the original all the journals had been signed up for and it was difficult for anyone new to get in on it. This sister website was set up to solve that problem. Here individual people can set up their own journals. People can set up a journal with a theme and have others sign up to receive it and fill in a few pages before passing it on to the next. Everyone is encouraged to make scans of those pages so that the whole community can share. It doesn't have to travel though. It can also stay in one place. An example would be a cafe or maybe a library. The person who owns the journal posts where it is held as well as the theme. Anyone can then go in, ask for it and add to it. The last option is to post images of your personal journal which is also popular.

One that I really liked (and prompted this post) is by someone called Kathrin. Hers is a personal journal. Every year she gets a new daily pocket diary and each day she fills that page with illustrations which are relevant to the kind of day she has had. I was amazed by her talent straight away and her dedications since she has done this since 2000. I don't want to post images of her journal without permission and unfortunately she doesn't seem to have a blog. She does have a flickr account though and you can see more images there.

I have decided to add a journal of my own to the site. It's the same idea as the one I just mentioned. I am going to attempt to do an illustration of some sort each day. You can see this here although I have yet to scan in any images. I was actually in two minds whether or not to mention it or not. Simply because I am artistically challenged. I have only filled a few pages and I am already having fun with it so I thought why not. I'll blog when I have posted images as long as you promise not to laugh too much.

Thanks for all your comments on Archie and the Christmas card. Lili, so glad you are joining in the monthly challenge. I love the sound of the design you are going to stitch and can't wait to see it. My birthday isn't that far away from yours, August 27th. Funny how these things happen.

Bastet, I plan on stitching Archie all around the outside . I think that works out to be about 16 designs (I don't have the afghan in front of me to double check). I will fill in the centre squares only if I have enough designs. If Cross Stitcher keeps going with them then it hopefully should be.

San, I stitched the afghan over one strand. The stitches look to be about 16 count that way (totally guessing). I think if I was to do it over two the stitches would look too large.

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