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Cross Stitch Card Shop #49

This issue treats us to an exclusive country companions design. I quite like Edwina Hedgehog and this design is pretty with the pink flowers. My mum is very fond of these designs so I can see myself stitching this for her at some point.

Maria Kelly has designed a set of birthday cards for girls who like to shop. They aren't my style but I do actually have friends who would appreciate these and the colours are nice.

She has also designed a set of hobby cards. We have gardening, sport, music, stitching and chocolate. I think I would probably have liked these better if they were done in different colours. They are mostly done in greens and browns. A green violin and clarinet just strikes me as wrong somehow. The sports one though would be good for a sports fan.

Lesley Teare has designed some sunny scenes which are quite pretty. They are all of meadows with a small building at the back. The design is then framed with flowers and has a butterfly in there. Pretty but not sure who I would stitch them for.

The next set of cards I really like. These are Jenny Barton's Happy hippos. Each one depicts the hippos in some sort of beach scene. I can see myself stitching these for my nieces. She also has a set of wedding cards in there which I'm not as fond of. We have a normal wedding scene, Las Vegas, the beach and a Hindu wedding. I like the idea behind them but the characters are cartoon like and I'm not a fan of that style for weddings.

Debra Page has then designed a set of dog cards. Each one has a different dog bread. I like the detail in them. Great for any dog lover.

Susan Bates has designed a set tropical flower cards. I like the bright colours but I'm not a fan of floral designs. I don't see myself stitching these. Great for people who do like floral designs though.

This issues astrology cards are leo and virgo. Again I like the colours but I don't know anyone into astrology. Worth hanging onto though.

Another regular are the simply the best designs. This time fantastic gardener and great teacher have been chosen. I quite like them. Just a pity I have no one to stitch them for.

Lastly this issues freebie is a blue bird birthday card. I thought the bird rather sweet. The card is also supposed to have "Happy Birthday" stitched on it in green. I preferred it without though.

San, my ipod only lasts about 14 hours. Of course by playing about with it as much as I have been it drains the battery that much quicker. The Sony MP3 players seem to last so much longer. I rarely had to charge mine. I gave it to my sister and she didn't seem to mind where it originally came from. I want to get her an ipod for her birthday/Christmas though so she can always get rid of it then. I'm now at that stage where I am having trouble thinking of what to put on it. Still a lot of space left. I know that I don't have to use it all up but feel that I should.

Hi Karen! I was longing for your update too!
Great mag review! If you happen to like the Virgo design, I am a Virgo! (wink). When's your birthday?
Green music instruments sounds weird, indeed!
I like Jenny Barton's animal designs, but not her human characters as well.
Your bluebird is very very cute and looking at him evokes me peace. I wouldn't have added the birthday wishes either. It's always nice having those cards quite "blank" and personalize them afterwards. (wink)
Enjoy this wednesday! It's the first day of the holidays here in France! Yessss!
I meant huGs!
Hi Karen,

Hadn't said "hello" for awhile. The bluebird is sweet. Who doesn't love a bluebird? I'm glad you are enjoying your iPod. I got one a couple of years ago for my birthday but recently the computer and the iPod broke up. I tried to get them together for counseling but in doing so, wiped the iPod clean and they still won't talk. Sigh... I had a lot of fun making playlists. It helped me decide what to listen to based on my mood or what I was doing. For example, workout, kids' stuff, relaxing stuff. Maybe you can make a cross stitch playlist?

Have a great day!
Hi Karen!! So sorry I haven't been on much..things have been nuts as of late!! Thanks for the review..might have to go out and get that one. Though can I justify 10 bucks just to get the Happy Hippos..hmmmmm?? Ahh the dilemmas of xstitchers..LOL

Hope you are doing well!

I'll write more soon!!


X Stitch X
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