Saturday, July 01, 2006


Karen Has A New Baby!

Not literally! I have been wanting an ipod for about a year now. The ex had bought me an MP3 player and at the time, not wanting to hurt his feelings or to seem ungrateful I kept my mouth shut. My mp3 player holds about 10 albums and it is difficult to work so I have been stuck with the same ones playing over and over since the split. I decided it was time to treat myself to the ipod. I have over 30 albums on it so far and I still have lots of space left. What I didn't realise was how difficult it would be for me to chose what to listen to on the way to work. Seriously, I'm not good when given a huge range to chose from. You would think that it would be easy to decide what I want to listen to.

I'm not complaining though. This is still me new toy. My stitching and everything else has taken a back seat as I have been spending most of my time on the computer since I got it. The novelty will wear off soon enough.

Thanks for all your comments on FF ted. I agree Veronica, in the end the backstitch is definitely worth it. Lili, I never thought of using linen. It would make it so much easier. Will remember that one for next time. Jenn, it came with one of the UK magazines. For the life of me I can't remember which one.

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Ah, new toy ! I have the 1Gb walkman from Sony, and I love it ! How long can you hear music with your ipod? In technical sheets they say something like 10 hours? I chose the Sony for its long 50 hours on 1 AAA battery.... I listen to it all day long at work...
Great idea! And burn the old one!!!
I'm also very bad at choosing: too much choice and I happen to zap unwillingly, which finally gets on my nerves...
Enjoy yourself!
Aaah .... my husband has got one of those, he thinks its great! Have fun playing with it :)
Set your IPod to random that will save you making decisions.

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