Friday, July 14, 2006


More Journaling!

I decided to post an image of one of my journal pages after all. As you can see I have no real artistic talent but I enjoyed doing them. Also what you see represents the kind of day I had or at least the part of the day that stood out the most. I am having lots of fun with using paint. I haven't used paint since I was at school and this is my first attempt at using Acrylic paint. I love painting large blocks of colour and I love the smell and feel of it too. I could quite happily have spent most of my time just painting pages of the diary in different colours. I haven't posted this on 1001 Journals yet as I want to wait until I have at least a few weeks worth of images to chose from.

An excellent blog on journaling is by Danny Gregory. He has kept an illustrated journal for years and shares his experiences, knowledge and inspirations. There is lots of things to look at in there and it would take a while to go through it all. He has published a few of his journals and a book on creativity. You can also find links to other journal keepers in there. He also has an on line community where others can share their journal experiences and images. Yahoo is down otherwise I would link this group. They also have a flickr account to show some of their images. Worth taking a look. Each week there is also a challenge for people to take part in.

I haven't just been doing this. I have been working on something else too. I don't want to mention it here as I don't want to jinx it. For the moment my part is done and all I can do now is wait. I promise to reveal all when I can but it might be a month or so before I can do that.

I don't know what you mean that you "have no real artistic talent"... I think that you did an outstanding job with your pages, very creative and reflective of the mood you wanted to show. It looks like a great way to express feelings and ideas with more than just words.

Thanks for sharing that link to 1001Journals, it's a fascinating site! I didn't realize that people kept these kind of journals! Very fascinating. :D
Ditto Kim! I love it! You are such a creative person, Karen! Don't forget to keep us informed! I love this new stuff!!!
So what are you up to now? Anything to do with stitching?
27th august. Funny really...
Time to prepare lunch!!! Gotta go! Time is just flying by!!!
Lots of hugs!
Just wanted to say hi from a fellow blogger on the stitcher blogger ring. I've started a couple of journals on the 1001 journals project. And yes, you do have talent. :)
I think you have plenty of artistic talent, certainly much more than I do. The most important thing is you have imagination, and you are enjoying it.
Hi Karen! Long time no see huh..LOL I love your journal!! I do that too...I have a blog...and then an illustrated journal..tho I'm not daring to show the stick figures aren't artistic talent. LOL

Have a good one!
where would you be able to find a journal with pages that could be painted on, like you did there?
Looks very nice, you have real artistic power because you take action and make your ideas real.

I liked it a lot. Also you encourage me to make my own journal. I had it for a long time until 6 years ago. But now maybe is time to make a new one.

Thanks! Ill be following your blog. I liked it a lot.
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