Sunday, July 09, 2006


My First Margaret Sherry Design!

A while ago I may have mentioned that I wanted to begin an Archie bear Afghan. I have been wanting to stitch and afghan for the past few years. I finally thought of a theme for it and ordered the fabric a few days ago. When it arrived I couldn't resist making a start. It was calling to me and despite all my good intentions of ignoring this inclination and just continuing with bugs, my will power broke. My excuse is that I really wanted to stitch my first Margaret Sherry design after seeing them stitched by everyone else of the years. The first little Archie is complete. My only complaint is that fractional stitches are a royal pain on aghans. My only consolation is that there aren't that many. You will notice that I forget to do the back stitching inside his little paws. I fixed that last night. I love this little bear. The shading really stands out and gives him that real animation look. That's one of the reasons I like him.

Christmas really isn't that far away. This year (as I do every year) I promised myself that I will hand out all handmade cards. Last year I didn't stitch enough and so only gave them out to close family. The rest has been passed over to this year but I still need to add to them. This is the first addition. I found little motifs in a previous magazine (not sure which one or issue as it had already been filed). The beads were part of the design although it called for two shades of red. I used red and blue instead. The same magazine had recommended using card making skills to decorate the card and so I did. I plan on making a set of these cards using different colours.

This months design challenge is Sunflowers. I have made a start on my design. I won't be as quick to finish this one. Sunflowers are hard! Please feel free to join in. Remember if you don't want to design your own you can stitch your favourite sunflower design instead. Last month only San and I took part. It would be fun to see others joining in. The message board for this is here.

Well, the second series of Doctor Who is now over. I have to say that I loved David Tenant. I got used to his OTT acting and think it actually fits the Doctors character. Does remind me somewhat of Tom Bakers version of the Doctor. I do think that the plots of the first series were stronger but I still enjoyed them. I especially like the return of the Cybermen. The last two part episodes were good too although I do think that the end episodes of the first series was better. What made it feel bigger was the appearance of the Daleks and the Cybermen together. I liked the banter between the two. Then of course there was Rose leaving. I had grown to like this character too but during this series she had become almost needy towards the doctor. I found that a little irritating. The new companion appears in the third series and not the Christmas special. Martha Jones will be played by Freema Agyeman. She actually played Adeola in the first half of the series ending who died at the hands of the Cybermen. Previous to that she was also in the revived soap Cross Roads. She is relatively unknown and she isn't another blonde which was what I was hoping for. I look forward to seeing what her character will be like.

Lili, believe it or not I'm a Virgo too. When is your birthday? Hope you are enjoying the holidays.

Mary, sorry to hear about your ipod issues. My infatuation is starting to wear off although I am still listening to it quite a lot. I usually enjoy listening to radio 1 but haven't tuned in since I got it. I have yet to make my own playlists though. I like your idea of a cross stitch playlist. Am thinking some Jack Johnson. Not sure what else.

Hi Karen! I've just joined San's challenge, though I won't design anything... Perhaps other people will join when they see that simple stitchers like me don't "invent" anything but take part anyway? Now that the holidays are here, I have more time so I can stitch more which answers your question: I am enjoying my holidays! When will you be on holidays? Any place to go on vacation?

I love your Archie afghan! It's so so lovely! A delightful idea!

Your Christmas card is impressive! And I'm not surprised you added blue to the original colours...

Funny we're the same sign, though it may not be surprising after all. We have a lot in common... I was born 31st august 1968. What about you?

I got your mail and I'll reply soon. Thanks!

Lots of hugs!
Aww... that's a very cute Archie you've stitched. Then again, who am I kidding? All of em are so cute. I like your card too... very creative.
I've been eyeing Archie everytime I can get my hands on a few British Cross-Stitch mags. Haven't stitched him yet though. Cant wait to se the progress on the afghan. How many Archies are you doing. What type of set up?
Your Archie afghan is so cute! It's a great idea, can't wait to see more!

The card is so great and it's always a good idea to get started early. :D

I had heard that Rose was going off Dr. Who, kind of sad but interested to see more of the new person. I wonder if they will show more here in the states.
Hi Karen. You've really done a lovely job of Archie bear - you've captured him brilliantly!
I loved that last episode of Dr Who, have watched it 6 times already!! I found the bit where the Doctor and Rose were on opposite sides of the breach really emotional, daft old sop that I am! I had a hard time adjusting to the idea of Rose going, she was such an established character, but I think the way she went in the end was the right way, it would have been wrong to have killed her off. I agree there were better storylines in the last series. Who can forget 'Are you my Mummy?' but I did enjoy David Tennant's performance - I liked him already as an actor so wanted to like him as the Doctor and wasn't disappointed. Looking forward to the next series!
do you stitch the afghan over one?

I saw the last 15 min of Dr Who, and I don't know... why is the ending so long when they say good bye? And this is some weird forced acting, is it deliberate? I'm not used to british series, so my Sci Fi standards are from the other side of the pond...

I did recognized the daleks though ;)
Awww he is sooo cute Karen, well done.

I have just recently tried to stitch on afghan, but kept getting serious headaches, so had to stop, no fair, I just love them too, will have to try again another time.

Hugs xxxxx
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