Monday, July 31, 2006


Still Stitching...just!

My stitching has sort of taken a back seat to everything else just now. I've not completely given up on it and I do still enjoy it. It's just the rest is grabbing my attention more. This is Archie in the bath and he is in the second square of the afghan. As you can see he is a long way from finished. I have been working on him for a while now as I only seem to pick him up every so often. I am determined to get him finished this week though. My larger stitching projects haven't been picked up in some time. I've decided to not worry about it. I am sure I will pick them up again when the mood takes me.

I mentioned Danny Gregory's blog a while back. I finally decided to pick up one of his books and I am glad that I did. "Creative License" is intended to encourage everyone to delve into their artistic side (no matter how untalanted you think you might be) and begin your own journal. One of the reasons that I like this book is that it isn't a simple drawing instruction book. Danny goes into why he likes to journal and his own experiences. He also uses examples from his own journals (some I recognised from his website). Then there are examples of others who keep illustrated journals. If you are interested in starting up your own illustrated journal and want some inspiration then I highly recommend this book.

Awww Karen I can see he is going to be really cute when finished.

hugs xxxxxx
Hi Karen. Just to let you know I'm finally back online after the old computer gave up the ghost! So, this is my first comment on your Blog using the all-singing all-dancing new one!

With regards "Doctor Who", "Doomsday" looked spectacular but just think of the big battles which could've built up between the Daleks and Cybermen if there had been more time between the unleashing of the Daleks from the Genesis Ark and their almost immediate demise as they are sucked into the void. A couple more episodes at this point, replacing "Love & Monsters" and "Fear Her", and it would truly have been epic!

Haha! How dumb am I! I've come to your blog several times..going I've read this I don't need to post to it. Then I actually scrolled down to see that I haven't posted to it yet. *sigh* The's fried my brain....Anyhoo, I'll have to look into that looks good! I use the SARK books sometimes. They are fun..and colorful.

They are great!! :)

Great job on yoru kitty too! Can't wait to see more of him! Have a good one!

X Stitch X
Thanks for the friendly welcome back, Karen. I must admit I missed being able to go online too but I tried to persuade myself I could manage without till the new computer was up and running!

I like the Ice Warriors as well, especially the black and white stories and especially the first, mainly because they haven't evolved a hierarchy. They're just Ice Warriors in their opening story, no Ice Lords etc. I know having an identifiable leader probably makes them more interesting as a race but the half mask gives away there's an actor inside to someone who first encountered them as a boy!

Anyway, it's nice to be able to read your blog again.

Tim xxx
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