Thursday, August 10, 2006


Taking Some Time Out!

Most of you have probably noticed that my blog has slowed right down in the last month or so. I am working on a lot of things just now and this has taken a back seat to everything. Until I can spend more time here I am going to take some time out. One of the things I plan on learning to do is basic web design, so you never know you might have something nice to look at when I come back. I will try to keep up to date with everyone as I still love reading all your blogs. If anyone wants to keep in touch I will happily give my email address. Thanks for all your lovely comments and thanks for continuing to visit. I promise I will be back!

Come back soon Karen, gonna missed your comments on the books :(
~ Lillie
Well, I sure relate to your current mood: we must be spiritually connected... Looking forward to your return though!
Lots of hugs!
Hope everything's going well? It would be nice to stay in touch. Not sure how to exchange email addresses without one or other of us posting it?!!

Still waiting for your big entrance.
There's a current tag about books, and I wish you had participated. Miss you, Karen.
Lots of hugs!
Hey Karen, Hope your ok hun, was just thinking of you today as haven't seen you blog since August. Hope your time away is going well.

Luv n' hugs xxxxxx
When are you coming back...I really, really really miss you. :(

Double hugs...hope everything is well with you. :)
Come back soon and let us know you're ok.

Happy new year, Karen!
Happy New Year Karen!! Come back real soon....miss you :(
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